2008 Fall Affair

Cruise in at Sonic: Cruise in at Sonic during the 2008 Fall AffairCruise in at Sonic: Cruise in at Sonic during the 2008 Fall Affair

Held in Raleigh, NC
October 24-26, 2008.

It was a good but rainy weekend in Raleigh for the 32nd annual Fall Corvair Affair hosted by CORSA/NC.

The weekend started with a cruise in Friday night to the local Sonic. About the time that was winding down it started raining. The nights entertainment was a movie in the hospitality room.

Saturday morning brought a light mist interrupted by periods of heavier rain but the Concours and People Choice continued with only slight breaks in the judging when the rain was too heavy to leave the cars open.

About 30 minutes before the autocross the rain stopped and before the event was over the course was dry. It was a short course in a strip mall with a sweeper and then a 180 and back the way you came to the finish.

Other events for the weekend include a rally, banquet and an ice cream social.


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And here is a video from the autocross