Welcome to Corvair . US

Welcome to the newest version of Corvair.US. This is the first major update to the site since it first launched nearly eight years ago.

There are still some items under construction and it will be an evolving Web site. This version is built on an open source content management platform called Drupal. For you non-Techies out there that means that it is much easier for me to add updates and for me to allow others to post information to the site.

Currently any one that comes to the site can help with the photo tagging. If you register for an account on most of the photo information pages you will see an edit tab. If you click on it you will get a form which will allow you to edit the categories for that photo. The current categories are: year, body style, model and tags. Tags allows you to select more than one term to describe what is shown in the photo. If you have a suggestion on either another category to add or a term to add to the tags selection let me know and I will consider them.

Once you create an account and post your own stories and photos. Because of spammer issues with other sites I have I currently have it setup where I have to approve new members. If I don't get your account activated in a couple of days send me an email. scott (at) trunkhill dot com

Purchasing a Corvair

Long time fan of the Corvair.  Want to purchase one.  But need to understand what to be aware about - look for - plan for - and understand.  I've reviewed lots of sites and info on the production history of the car.  But looking to understand in 2011 what to keep in mind when purchasing a car originally manufactured between '63 and '66 (the years I am most interested in)   Thank you